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A Taste of America

Let’s Meat covers a large variety of American dishes bound to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Taken from Diana’s list of things she misses from home, Let’s Meat’s menu was put together to be her home away from home and brings Penang a taste of her heritage.

We're really happy that we're able to celebrate your birthdays with you no matter the month! (Yes, we really love celebrations!) It doesn't matter if you're born on the 8th April, 15th June, 24th August or whichever month it is, as long as you visit us during the week of your birthdate, you're eligible to claim the freebie. Here's some pics of our happy VIP Members who have received a free brownie with ice cream! Up next Mozarella Sticks!s

Looking for fun, enthusiastic individuals who are about people and service! If you're not any of those things BUT would really like to be, we want to talk to you too! We're an easy-going bunch who believe in treating everyone with respect and kindness. If that sounds good to you and if you're fluent in English (other languages will be an added bonus!) and aged 16 years and above, you're welcome to come join our Let's Meat family. Part time and full time vacancies available. To schedule an interview, please message us at +6016- 215 4234.

I know it's April 1st but no, we're not kidding on this one... We really are celebrating your birthday no matter the month because I've always wished birthdays were celebrated more than once a year! 😆 Become a member and if your birthday falls on any of the birthday weeks stated, let us know and get these goodies for every RM90.00 spent with us! 1st - 8th ---> Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream 9th - 16th ---> Mozzarella Sticks 17th - 24th ---> Milkshake of Your Choice 25th - 31st ---> Jalapeno Poppers So come and celebrate with us. Any month is a good month!

Something about birthday hats and balloons that sparks joy within us. 🥳 Here at Let's Meat we love a good party, especially birthday parties! We especially love it when you guys choose to celebrate it with us. 🥰

Quick announcement to clear the air! We've heard there is a rumour going around that there has been a positive COVID-19 case at Let's Meat I would like to clarify that this is NOT true. Unless the relevant authorities somehow managed to notify the masses before notifying us about it. 😂 We care very much for your well being and take all the necessary steps to protect you. We are doing our best to follow the SOP to keep you safe. If there is exposure to a positive case, we will be the first to let you know! Much love, Ben

Our Food

When it comes to comfort dining, a hearty portion, good company, and friendly service are essential. Let’s Meat sources produce from small local businesses and does its best to support local entrepreneurs and start ups.


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