18 Lebuh Lembah Permai 4, Penang, Malaysia 11200. +60162154234


Let's Meat

Our Story

America is a long ways away, and for Diana Foster Ho, familiar southern comforts were hard to come by. That’s what birthed the idea for this family-friendly, casual dining spot. 

“I just missed home, and figured that perhaps others did too. And maybe even the locals would like to experience it!”

Diana, her husband Ben, and their friend Joyce founded and run this establishment with the hopes of creating valuable relationships with their customers and also their staff. 

“We believe food has a powerful way of bringing people together, bringing back memories of the things we treasure most, and creating new memories of the places and people we have them with.”

Let's Meat

Our Values

Producing great food is important to us because of the importance of the people it feeds; - our community of customers and our staff. Put another way, we are not just in the business of making food, we are in the business of developing individuals.

We believe that a healthy world starts with healthy communities and healthy communities with healthy individuals. Our goal for Let’s Meat is to create not only tasty food, but also to develop a team of staff with a culture of purpose, prudence and maturity that extends to even their private lives.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your dining experience with us, and that our values translate all the way down to the food quality and level of service you receive at our establishment.